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Polyester Converters Ltd, Polyester Films
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Polyester Converters Ltd, Polyester Films
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Polyester Converters Ltd, Polyester Films
PSG are proud to anouce that is has been accredit to BRC / IoP Global Standard – food packaging and other packaging materials
PSG Group have been accredited BS EN ISO 9001:2000
Cleanroom Certification BS EN ISO 14644 : 1999 Class 8
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Technical Data and Specifications

Printing Instructions



EC-safety data sheet

Safety data sheet in accordance with 91/155/EEC





Trade name:

Hostaphan GN 4600, GN 4660, KE, KN, MP, RD, RD 2600, RD 26ME, RE, RG, RHB, RN, RN 2600, RNK, RNK 2600, RNKC, RNK 260C, RNK 2CSR, RP, RZ, VE, VG, VN, WE, WN, WO, WD, RN med, WN med, MN med

Status : 98-08-01






1. Identification of the substance/preparation and company

Product details
Trade name



Supplier details :
Postfach 3365
D-65023 Wiesbaden

Information provided by :

Emergency telephone number : ++49 611/962-6100

2. Composition/information on ingredients

Chemical characterization
Polyethylene phthalate polymer

3. Hazards identification

No particular hazards known..

4. First aid measures

General informations
Human intoxications not known.

After contact with skin
After contact with molten product cool quickly with cold water.
Consult a doctor.

5. Fire-fighting measures

Suitable extinguishing media
dry powder
carbon dioxide

Particular risks by the product, its combustion products or developing gases

Possible releases during a fire:
carbon monoxide

Particular protective equipment during fire-fighting
use breathing apparatus

6. Accidental release measures

Methods for cleaning up / taking up
Pick up mechanically.
Clear away according to the regulations.

7. Handling and storage


Advice on protection against fire and explosion
Measures against electrical charges.
Keep away from igniting sources
Observe the general rules of industrial fire protection.


conditions on warehouses
No particular measures needed.

Storage class: 11 inflammable solids

Storage stability
Indefinitely, when stored unter proper conditions..

8. Exposure controls/personal protection

Personal protective equipment

General protective measures
Avoid contact of molten material with skin.

Hand protection = Gloves
Eye protection = safety glasses/face shield

9. Physical and chemical properties


Form : film
Colour colourless
Odour: odourless

Data relevant to safety

Changes in physical state

Softening point > 250 ºC
Ignition temperature > 400 ºC - Method: VDE 0345
Lower explosion limit - not applicable
Upper explosion limit - not applicable
Vapour pressure at 20 ºC - not applicable
Density at 20 ºC - 1,380 bis 1,400 g/cm³
Solubility in water bei 20 ºC - insoluble
pH value - not applicable
Viscosity dynamic - not applicable

10. Stability and reactivity

Thermal decomposition >> 250 ºC

Method : DSC

Hazardous reactions none

11. Toxicological information

According to experience, the product is considered to be harmless to health if handled in the correct manner.
Toxicological data are not available.

12. Ecological information

Further ecological information

According to experience, the product is considered to be harmless to the environment.

13. Disposal considerations

Product In accordance with the necessary technical regulations may be dumped or incinerated with household waste, after consultation with site operator and with the responsible authority.
Mechanical recycling is possible..

14. Transport information

Road transport

ADR Non-hazardous goods
GGVS Non-hazardous goods
RID Non-hazardous goods
GGVE Non-hazardous goods

Inland waterways transport

ADNR Non-hazardous goods
GGVB Non-hazardous Goods

Marine transport

IMDG / UN Non-hazardous goods

Air transport

ICAO /IATA-DGR Non-hazardous goods

Dispatch by mail


15. Regulatory information

Labelling in accordance with GefStoffV / EU

Hazard warning labelling not compulsory.

16. Other information

This information is based on our present state of knowledge. It should not therefore be construed as guaranteeing specific properties of the products described or their suitability for a particular application.

Date of printing: 98-11-13


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