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Polyester Converters Ltd, Polyester Films
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Polyester Converters Ltd, Polyester Films
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Polyester Converters Ltd, Polyester Films
PSG are proud to anouce that is has been accredit to BRC / IoP Global Standard – food packaging and other packaging materials
PSG Group have been accredited BS EN ISO 9001:2000
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Technical Data and Specifications

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SHINKONG® Shinpex Safety Data Sheet




1. Identification of the substance/preparation and company

Product details


2. Composition/information on ingredients


Polyethylene terepthalate film

Molecular Formula


CAS No 25038-59-9
Hazardous Ingredients None

3. Hazards identification

Main Hazards and Effects

Hazard Classification Not available

4. First aid measures

After Skin Contact


No emergency care anticipated.
After Eye Contact No emergency care anticipated.
After Inhalation No emergency care anticipated under normal handling. If exposed to fumes from overheating or from combustion, remove to fresh air.
After Ingestion No emergency care anticipated.
Notes to Physician No effects anticipated

5. Fire-fighting measures

Extinguishing media: Suitable:

Water, spray, carbon dioxide or dry chemical
Unusual Fire and Explosion Hazards Not applicable
Special Fire Fighting Procedures Do not use "alcohol" foam.
Special Protective Equipment for Fire Fighters Use self-contained breathing apparatus and protective clothing, if exposed to fumes

6. Accidental Release Measures

Personal precautions No further requirements
Environmental precautions Not required
Methods for cleaning up: Collect and forward for disposal.

7. Handling and storage



Avoid finger direct contact with running film to prevent static charge.

During processing film can pick up static charge

Discharge into dust or solvent laden air may cause flash fire or explosion.

  Store under cool, dry conditions since high humidity or direct contact with water will result in stick.

8. Exposure controls / personal protection

Engineering Controls Normal ventilation except at temperature above 300°C where local exhaust ventilation is required.
Specific Control Parameter Not applicable.
Personal protection Not need special personal protection under normal handling.
Hygiene Measures Not further requirements

9. Physical and chemical properties

- Form Solid
- Colour Clear
- Oddour Oddourless
- Density ~ 1.396g/cm³
- Melting Point ~ 255°C
- Boiling Point Not applicable
- Solubility in Water Negotiable
- Explosion Limits Not applicable
- Flash Point Not applicable
- Ignition Temperature > 480°C

10. Stability and reactivity

Stability: Stable
- Conditions to avoid: Instability or hazardous polymerization with high temperature
- Materials to avoid Strong acids and alkalis, oxidizing agent
- Hazardous Decomposition Product(s): Incomplete combustion may produce CO2, CO


11. Toxicological information

Local effects : Not applicable given the products physical state.
Further information : Does not prevent any particular hazard provided it is handled in accordance with good industrial hygiene and practice.


12. Ecological information

Acute Toxicity

Not available
Sensitization Not available
Chronic Toxicity Not available
This material has not been tested for environmental effects.

13. Disposal Informations

Collect films for disposal
Disposed by landfill or forced draft incineration
Disposal method must conform to state and local regulations

14. Transport information

Not classed under dangerous substances regulations

15. Regulatory information

Not hazardous product

16. Other information

For further information, please contact with your local SHINKONG agent.




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