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PSG website
PSG are proud to anouce that is has been accredit to BRC / IoP Global Standard – food packaging and other packaging materials
PSG Group have been accredited BS EN ISO 9001:2000
Cleanroom Certification BS EN ISO 14644 : 1999 Class 8
We stock Melinex, Mylar Film
We stock Hostaphan Film
We stock  Terphane, Lumirror, Claryl Film
Latest Company News

Cleanroom Accreditation

PSG Group Ltd has recently commissioned a Class 8 Cleanroom [with an upgrade currently in place] in conformance to BS EN 14644. Increasingly, demands from our customers have necessitated this extra degree of service. PSG Group is now upgrading to class 7 or even 6, this is a massive investment for us, so please bear with us.

Our cleanroom provides a clean working environment suitable for the production of carton window film. Machine operators are prohibited entry into the clean space unless they are wearing the appropriate clothing, thereby reducing contamination and creating a cleaner environment.

Combined with our newly acquired BRC accreditation, we are able to offer a quality service second to none.

You are most welcome to physically visit our cleanroom or just browse on the links below.


Cleanroom Visit

Polyester Converters and PSG Group Ltd are happy to announce that we are currently upgrading our cleanroom from Class 8 to Class 7/6. Please see our last Class 8 cleanroom Certificate in pdf format for printing

BRC Certification in pdf format for printing
BS EN ISO 9001: 2008 Certification in pdf format for printing


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