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Polyester Converters Ltd, Polyester Films
Polyester Converters Ltd, Polyester Films Polyester Converters Ltd, Polyester Films Polyester Converters Ltd, Polyester Films
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Polyester Converters Ltd, Polyester Films
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PSG are proud to anouce that is has been accredit to BRC / IoP Global Standard – food packaging and other packaging materials
PSG Group have been accredited BS EN ISO 9001:2000
Cleanroom Certification BS EN ISO 14644 : 1999 Class 8
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Applications and End Uses




Polyimides are a very interesting group of incredibly strong and astoundingly heat and chemical resistant polymers. Their strength and heat and chemical resistance are so great that these materials often replace glass and metals, such as steel. They are used for the struts and chassis in some cars as well as some parts under-the-hood because they can withstand the intense heat and corrosive lubricants, fuels, and coolants cars require. They are also used in the construction of many appliances as well as microwave cookware and food packaging because of their thermal stability, resistance to oils, greases, and fats and their transparency to microwave radiation. They can also be used in circuit boards, insulation, fibers for protective clothing, composites, and adhesives. Aromatic heterocyclic polyimides, are typical of most commercial polyimides, and include Ultem® from G.E. and DuPont's Kapton®.





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Kapton® is a registered trademark of DuPont Films. Only DuPont Films makes Kapton® brand film

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